Nar3: Japan

Japan.nar3 Faq

Are you really in Japan?
What time is it there?
Tuesday, July 14th, 2020 at 12:20pm
This information can also be found on every single image the webcam displays.
I said hi to you. Why aren't you talking?
If you contact me, please don't expect me to have conversation material. You contacted me.
Your webcam is down.
Yeah...I know.
How do you make those stats?
I'm using PHP and MySQL and doing some slightly tricky stuff.
Stats are cool! Can I use your code?
No, you can't. I'm not saying this because I'm worried that you're going to steal my content or something like that. In fact, I'm all for open source code, and think that people who put documents (ie webpages) in public places (ie the internet) and then try to conceal the underlying content (ie source code) are stupid, mislead, and a hindrance to the advancement of society in general.

The reason you can't use my stats source code is because it's tied in so tightly to my site, that it would be of little use unless you wanted a site exactly like this. If you're determined to have webcam stats, talk to me and I'll tell you what I did and how. If you have programming experience, that should be enough. Knowing HTML is not programming experience.