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Important Notice
Posted on Saturday, December 6th, 2003 at 7:12am by Brett.
(Saturday, December 6th, 2003 at 9:12pm Japanese Standard Time)

If I.....don't have....a real computer...within a week...

I WILL GO COMPLETELY MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is all. Return to your lives citizens.

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now that makes more sense...lol by ted [2003/07/12 22:19 ET]
wasn't aware of the homeless man... guess i didn't get out often enough when i lived there... good luck with the shipping of the computer part, hope ya get it soon:-P
Too fragile...too big. by Brett [2003/07/12 21:27 ET]
It's not just a cord...it's the entire AC -> DC power converter. It'd be too fragile and too big to send in an envelope.

PLEASE send it super-ultra sanity-saving priority mail!!!

In Columbus, there is a homeless man generally called "Help is on the way". He stands around the streets on campus making little rhymes.

"Like what I holler?
Then gimme a dollar.
Ain't got much time?
Then just gimme a dime.

Might be tomorrow,
Might be today,
But help is on the way!"

etc etc etc
helpful? by ted [2003/07/12 20:39 ET]
i'm not sure how you are planning to ship the package with the computer cable, but if you send it global priority it is $9 for the large envelope, up to four pounds, and it only takes four to six days to get there... might help save the boy's sanity...lol
Update by mom [2003/07/12 16:04 ET]
Was I supposed to say help was ONNNNN the way? There has been a slight change in plans. For some reason the Post Office was closed when I got there and the Parcel Post place was also closed. I will get it in the mail to you tomorrow.
Yes she did! by Brett [2003/06/12 20:17 ET]
Scary. You think they're in leagues?
Probably not....else she would have said "Help is ONNNNN the way!"

I'm sorry, no...I will, in fact, so completely insane. I've been using my handheld for the last two weeks. Trying to do anything on this tiny 3 inch screen is like watching The Matrix on a 4 inch black and white TV...with mono sound.
Go completely mad? by ted [2003/06/12 15:55 ET]
I had assumed you were already there... lol
haha by jason [2003/06/12 12:51 ET]
your mom said "help is on the way"
Help is on the way. by mom [2003/06/12 10:20 ET]
Please stay calm. You really won't go mad. That's a slight exaggeration. You're just saying that to make the situation seem really, really bad. Take a deep breath, think pleasant thoughts, like of your wonderful family back in the state really missing you. Now relax. Your computer part just came last night. I will get it in the mail today! Love you