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So it ends....
Posted on Friday, July 9th, 2004 at 7:20am by Brett.
(Friday, July 9th, 2004 at 8:20pm Japanese Standard Time)

Well, the adventure is over. I arrived in The States yesterday around 9:00am Central time. It's weird having to get used to everything here again, but it's nice to see my family and friends again.

What's gonna happen to this site? I haven't fully decided. It's going to stay in its current form here for a while. I'm eventually going to archive it up and lock out commenting functions and stuff and it'll be preserved as it is. But that's gonna be not soon.

I'll probably continue some sort of personal site at brett.narnarnar.com...there's nothing there yet...

Anyway, it was a very enjoyable experience for me, and I hope the readers could enjoy what little I wrote about it. The 10 months I was there seemed to fly by, but hopefully I will be able to go back sometime soon.

Thanks for reading!

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Re: So It Ends... by ikaika53562 [2004/10/07 21:29 ET]
Hey Brett, welcome back. I'm glad you liked Japan. I hope your regular site will be like Jason's and you bring back the webcam and blog. Good to have you back and have a good summer and good luck at OSU!
Welcome back to your home. by Slacker_Canada [2004/09/07 10:04 ET]

This my first visit to your site and I was reading your journal. Pretty cool stuff. All I have to say is it's going to take a while to re-adjust. I returned back to Canada after a 3 month vacation in Tokyo on May 31st. I was staying near the Hinode pier and every morning I would travel the the JR on the Yamanote line from Hamamatsu-cho station to a different place for sight seeing.

Aside from a bit of jetlag, simple things like driving my car and getting around my own city were some of the things I had to re-learn. I enjoyed looking at the photos and they brought back many memories. Like you, I plan on returning back to Japan very soon.

Thank you for your journal and thank you for the pictures of your stay.