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Posted on Friday, May 7th, 2004 at 9:59am by Brett.
(Friday, May 7th, 2004 at 10:59pm Japanese Standard Time)

Yes I know...Long time no post. I hope everyone is faring well in a post Friends world...

What's been going on? A lot of...nothing exciting. Classes resumed. I'm taking a lot, and it's causing me to spend lots more time studying that I would have liked for spring, but thus is school.

I got my hair cut. Yay. Barber-san of Barber Party fame cut it. Actually, one of the sl^H^Hgirls from the party cut it first, then he fixed it. It's short. I got about..oh...6 inches or off.

He was talking to me, and asked which girl that came to the party did I think was the cutest. I...honestly couldn't remember what they look like, and just remembered OLD, so I said that the one sitting directly across from me. He laughed, and said "naruhodo" which means something like "Ah, of course" or "naturally". He told me she was 31, then said that before I go back to America, we should "asobu", which means "play" or "hang out", and is just general enough so that I didn't know what exactly he meant. Then he said "date".

I didn't want to be rude, so instead of saying she was old, I just said "I think I might be a little young," but he assured me she wouldn't mind. He even suggested that I could teach her and her son English. Weeee fun.

So yeah. Nothing much going on here...nice weather when it's not raining...

We all received our paper work to apply for our return tickets already. They have to be in by the 21st. That's like...crazy early. I have under 3 months left...yikes.

So...yeah...that's me! Yeah..woo...yeah...yay.....yeah...*ahem*

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Older woman, younger man by Don1947 [2004/19/05 20:55 ET]
You go Brett boy, LOL!
Well... by Pete [2004/16/05 12:58 ET]
.. Stop being so lazy and do something about it *grins*
Uh... by Brett [2004/15/05 05:15 ET]
There seems to be a serious lack of recent posts...
comments by Pete [2004/12/05 11:51 ET]
There seems to be a serious lack of comments on your most recent posts.