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Computer woes...and happy news!
Posted on Wednesday, December 3rd, 2003 at 9:55pm by Brett.
(Thursday, December 4th, 2003 at 11:55am Japanese Standard Time)

My computer is still dead. I'm pretty sure I'm going insane without it. It's like I've lost an appendage or something. My TV was on my computer...all of my music was on my computer. Classes haven't started back up yet, so I just sit in my quiet room bored. I have rediscovered the joys of shoutcast streaming audio. My little handheld computer can keep up well enough, and I bought some $5 speakers so I can have some music going....It's only mildly maddening.

BUT! For some good news! One of my oldest and best friends ever is now officially engaged! Bri and Jeff are going to get married next year! She's being kind enough to wait until I get back from Japan, so the wedding will probably be in September. Congrats!

For everyone who has emailed me...It's way too annoying to type out an email through my PDA. As soon as I get my replacement power converter for my laptop, I'll answer the emails. The manufacturer wouldn't ship overseas with a credit card, so I had to send it to my parents' house and then have them send it to me. According to UPS's tracking, it's in Columbus right now, so should be to Jackson by tomorrow, one would imagine...If my mom sends it to Japan as soon as she gets it, I should have it at the latest in a week and a half...

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Good to see a new post. by ted [2003/04/12 01:43 ET]
Glad to hear that your handheld is coming in handy at least for music. Also, tell Bri I said congrats. I hope you manage to get your computer fixed before Christmas. Curses to that heater/radiator thing!