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End of term and vicious lies
Posted on Wednesday, March 3rd, 2004 at 5:54am by Brett.
(Wednesday, March 3rd, 2004 at 7:54pm Japanese Standard Time)

Done...DONE FOR A MONTH! No classes, no pointless meetings, no essays, no assignments...no band!!!! This is great. It's like summer vacation, but in spring...

I'm going to address a vicious rumor that has been floating around about me. No doubt, you've heard this lie, and probably even spread it around a bit yourself...you know how you are...

People have been saying that I'm going to be in Japan "forever". This is a nasty lie that I would like to put an end to right now. Forever's much longer than most people realize, and my time in Japan will be a little short of it.

As of this post, I have almost exactly 4 months left. 4 months really isn't that long...certainly not forever. If you think about it, it's hardly any time at all.

Think of it like this: 4 months. 1/3 of a year...about 16 weeks. So that's 112 days, 2688 hours, 161280 minutes, or 9676800 seconds. Numbers don't work for you? Ok then...

My study abroad will be done in about:

De wa, kono chousakekka kara...ahh...no!!!!


Anyway, from this you can obviously see that I will not, in fact, be in Japan "forever." If you start feeling the need to spread this rumor, please return to this page--possibly directing your source here, also--and see exactly how long I do have left in Japan. If you do, you'll realize that I'll be back in America before you know it...

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shampoo by Brett [2004/03/03 21:38 ET]
Shampoo I'll give you...that's a lot...
But tooth paste???

I go through one tube a little under a month...

Maybe I've forgotten what American Sized toothpaste is like, but...
i'd agree with your mom by jason [2004/03/03 15:56 ET]
i'm still on the same bottle of shampoo and toothpaste from the beginning of this school year. do you buy the little travel sizes or something, or maybe you just like to use a quarter of it in each go =)
ummm.. by Pete [2004/03/03 09:57 ET]
Yeh, thanks for the breakdown, but it did make you sound very... errmm.. nerdy.

I really hope that you don't decide to count all of the letters in this post :-|
Ahhhh by mom [2004/03/03 08:32 ET]
Thanks for the break down for those of us who are not number people. 4 bottles of shampoo, 6 tubes of toothpaste??? Hmmm, even though I'm not a number person, that sounds like alot of scrubbing.