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Baka na hito...
Posted on Tuesday, March 16th, 2004 at 7:05pm by Brett.
(Wednesday, March 17th, 2004 at 9:05am Japanese Standard Time)

Derek from Superuser.net is still giving us problems. We're not alone, though...He's done stuff like this to a few other people. Check narnarnar.com for info. I also have noticed that superuser.net has what seems to be a record with the Better Business Bureau. They'll be having another one here soon...

I'm working on making a "proper" review of their services later on. There are a couple forums used to relate your experiences with different hosts...

The galleries will be back online as soon as I get my lazy butt around to upgrading them and muddling through the config files to make them work again. Shouldn't be too long...

Everything else on the sites should be working. There is still some email issues, but that shouldn't affect many people. Though, if you do send an email to me and I don't get it or reply, it's probably the over-zealous spam filters I'm using. Send it again (from a different server, if you can) and I'll probably get it. Let me know that it didn't go through the first time...wanna squash the bugs...

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Waiting for more by dalecam [2004/26/03 08:44 ET]
Now that you have your site working again, and just because you are on break, doesn't mean you can't write. Knowing you I am sure something has happened that you can write about. hehehe
pic by Brett [2004/23/03 15:25 ET]
that's jason's handy work....
cool new graphic by ted [2004/22/03 22:17 ET]
who gets credit for the cool new graphic on the main page for nar3? pretty sweet :-P