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Posted on Friday, April 23rd, 2004 at 6:35am by Brett.
(Friday, April 23rd, 2004 at 7:35pm Japanese Standard Time)

New class wrap up:

Intercultural Communication (AKA "The Boring Class"):
This class sucks. The topic is interesting, but the delivery leaves much to be desired. It's a two-period class, so that's 2 hours and 30 minutes of fun. I do homework in this class.

Japanese Grammar:
This is your standard Japanese grammar class. The teachers seem to be cool this quarter, and since it's a level higher than I expected, hopefully I'll learn a good bit.

AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! The homework for this class is the most time consuming, least beneficial homework I have ever had to do. It is the physical embodiment of "busy work". I was in this class last trimester, but dropped out of it to save my GPA. I was hoping it would be better since they totally revamped the system. Nice to know some things never change...

Japanese songs:
This class is really cool. It's a couple levels lower than what I'm at, but I'm not complaining. We listen to songs, then have a change to make our own lyrics for them. It's a fun, low key class.

Japanese TV Dramas:
This class MIGHT be cool. It's more work than one might expect from a "watch TV" type of class, but it's not pointless work.

Story Telling in Japanese:
I'm hoping this class will improve my fluency in Japanese, as it's meant to do. From the first class, it seems that I'm a bit over my head, and one of the least skilled--probably the least skilled--in the class, but it will be good for me. A "sink or swim" type of thing.

Introduction to Japanese Language and Culture:
I am taking this class as an independent studies class. It's loads more work than I was expecting, but it's also the only class OSU said I would definitely get credit for...

On the American side of the ocean, OSU is making things difficult. My scheduling priority was messed up, so I had to email 3 different people to get that fixed. Though it matters little because I still don't know what I'm going to take next year at OSU. Techinically, I "need" to take about 28 credit hours of classes. This is impossible.

I've pretty much decided to go ahead and get a Japanese major. According to some websites and people I've spoken with, the Japnaese and Music Ed majors have the same general ed requirements. Unfortunately, according to other websites and people, they don't. I've emailed someone about it, and am waiting for a reply. Stuff like that sucks.

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yeup by Brett [2004/24/04 22:26 ET]
yeah it is...
i was forcefully reminded how little is going to actually transfer over..
the fun part is that most of those classes are worth 0.5 credits....

in total, i'm only taking like 8 credits
wow by josh [2004/24/04 13:12 ET]
that seems like a lot of classes for one quarter...
err..or trimester.