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Getting things working
Posted on Friday, September 5th, 2003 at 6:16am by Brett.
(Friday, September 5th, 2003 at 7:16pm Japanese Standard Time)

Alright. I have discovered how to connect from my laptop at the internet cafe. The lady working here spoke no English. WEEEE fun. heheh

I've already made a fool of myself once, and it was trying to get into this internet cafe. This is a place called "Manga and Internet: Cube". It have pretty flashing lights on the outside, but is a standard cafe on the inside. Well, the first time I tried to get in, I saw this futuristic looking door that was all light up with a big logo and then "CUBE" written on it. So I walk up to it, and there is a little platform that you go up right before the door, so I walk up it. Now, this door didn't have any handles or anything...it didn't open automatically. So I'm standing on the platform thing, all lit up, and start feeling around on the door. I start pushing on it in different places, and this was about the time I realized the futuristic "door" was really..a sign. Just...a sign. Light up. Ah...anyway. The real door was much less interesting, and hidden back behind a couple of stores. Good times...

Btw. There are time issues with this site. I just found out before I left, so I didn't have time to fix them. Sometimes the AM and PM get switched around. That's why this post is appearing after the one above it, which was really posted at 1:30 (JST). Cell phone email. To email my cell phone, you can send an email to 09066787529@jp-k.ne.jp
For some reason, nar3's email seems to be completed messed up. I can't check it at all, which was most of my reason for coming here.