Nar3: Japan

Holy crap, Im in Japan!
Posted on Saturday, September 6th, 2003 at 7:10pm by Chad.
(Sunday, September 7th, 2003 at 8:10am Japanese Standard Time)

Ok, im in Japan, and things are already wierd as hell. Its my third day here, and I just got my computer off of battery power. I have a lot to say, and will hopefully post some of my experiences on the site. Im the only person in my dormitory that isnt fluent in Japanese though, and it blows. Theres this one guy Satoshi, and Id like to speak with him about general thing, you know, life and that, but I cant, at least its very tough for me to do so. My new friend Pol is helping me with a lot of that though, he seems to know 5 or so languages, and is from Romania and has excellent English, although it a bit hard to understand under his reasonably thick accent. He talks a lot too, so I never really miss anything. He seems to have a friend of his that he wants pretty hard, his name is Yuusaku, but I think thats just because hes a gymnist, and is apparently "the best looking man I have ever seen". But thats Pol in a nutshell. Im just excited right now because I have my computer connected, I can talk to my friends, and Im learning a bit more Japanese every day. My class starts monday, and hopefully that all goes well, and I can learn a little bit and keep up with some of the things that my new friends are saying. Also, I just had some squid jerky, and it was excellent, thats right, squid jerky. Anywho, Im gonna get going right now, and I should be back soon with a pretty big update, but until then Matane! (see you later!)