Nar3: Japan

Two weeks!
Posted on Tuesday, September 16th, 2003 at 9:09am by Brett.
(Tuesday, September 16th, 2003 at 10:09pm Japanese Standard Time)

Well, two weeks and a lifetime ago I moved to Japan. Things have been going very well. I've made many friends...a broad range, I like to think, and I've gotten used to things here. I'm not sure if it feels like I've been living in Japan forever, or if I've just only moved here. A little bit of both, I suppose. There wasn't really a "transitional" phase. It was much more like "this is your room, this is where you shower, this is the toilets, this is where you eat," and it's either accept that straight up, or pout for a while until you decide to accept it any way.

British Kate had a moderately bad day today, so we went out for cake and McDonalds. I paid 630 yen (about $6) for a Big Mac value meal. It was expensive, but oh-so good.

I have an address!
Brett Profitt
Oikoshi 22 Room 327
Amakubo 2-1-1
Tsukuba shi, Ibaraki ken

This SHOULD get a letter to me.

I have a phone!
81 - 090 - 6678 - 7529

The 81 part is Japan's country code. Please dial accordingly.