Nar3: Japan

Laundry and Bikes
Posted on Sunday, September 21st, 2003 at 12:14pm by Chad.
(Monday, September 22nd, 2003 at 1:14am Japanese Standard Time)

Its been an adventure for me too, but not in the "half naked dude owning a set" type of way. My way is a bit different, I cant seem to figure out how the things work, so I had to have my friend Pol help out, so now I can do laundry, but one time it took my clothes 5 cycles in the dryer to get ALMOST dry. I then realized it was the filter, how unfortunate. I too am in dire need of a good day or so to just do all of my dirty clothes. Maybe Ill make that today, it also looks like Im going to need an iron sometime soon, thats a pretty picture too.
Speaking of pretty pictures, I now have a bike. This is sweet because now I dont have to walk a half an hour to and back from Sanjodori (the place I go to play DDR and to the 100 yen store). Im probably gonna kick ass that way a little later though, but again, I have madd studying to do, and as Brett said, you certainly cant stumble into fluency here. I need to learn 15 new Kanjis, and about 20 other new words by tomorrow, somehow I can do it though. But anyways, back to the bike, it cost me about $100 American money, and its a mountain bike, so I get to look like a bigger outsider, because I dont have a crappy bike with thin wheels and a little girly (yet somehow convenient) grocery basket in the front. The bike rules, and Im going to haul ass all around town today, and then study and what not. I'll catch you kids later though. Janen!