Nar3: Japan

New pics
Posted on Thursday, December 18th, 2003 at 3:52am by Brett.
(Thursday, December 18th, 2003 at 5:52pm Japanese Standard Time)

There are new pictures in my gallery.

The long awaited pics from Kyoto and some random ones of my room.


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I agree with Bretts Mom :) by Pete [2003/18/12 11:39 ET]
I agree with Bretts Mom, he could be faking these pictures and living quietly in hiding somewhere in Ohio. We need more Brett in the photos.

The parcels? hmm... He could have made friends with someone who lives in Japan over the internet and he's having the parcels sent to his address... or something... Okay, lame idea... *ahem*

Brett, sir! You told me your carpet was a mess because you hadn't swept it for a week, but I wouldn't worry because nobody can actually see it :-D

PS: Ignore me, I just got back from a party and I'm drunk
computer genius... yes... but... by ted [2003/18/12 08:59 ET]
how would he manage to get a japanese phone number? and all of the packages? evil twin maybe? lol... but yeah... pictures of places in japan that have brett in them would be nice... once you get back i am sure you'll wish you had some...
Thanks by mom [2003/18/12 07:15 ET]
Thanks for putting the pictures up. There were some very pretty pictures of Kyoto. Now your room, that's not a pretty picture. I'm still looking for pictures of you in these places. For all I know, with your computer genius brain, you could still be in Columbus and making up all these pictures of Japan.
Poor Liz's Face by ted [2003/18/12 03:56 ET]
I look at that picture and just say "ouch!!!" Nice pictures of Kyoto though. It looks more "traditional Japanese" than your campus. And as for the room, well your mom will probably ground you and make you come home for that mess... lol