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Posted on Monday, December 29th, 2003 at 7:52am by Brett.
(Monday, December 29th, 2003 at 9:52pm Japanese Standard Time)

Nothing much has happened since Christmas.

I've been playing my Zelda game...which has 0wn3d me more than once or twice. I don't remember these games being so HARD....

Plans for going to Kyushu with my tutor to visit his family and my relatives are falling into place. I spoke with Yuuko, who is my grandmother's niece (my 2nd cousin???) and we are trying to set things up. Sei and I leave for his hometown, Oita, on the 31st. My relatives are in Kagoshima and Kumamoto, but we're probably only visiting those in Kagoshima. Yuuko speaks little English, so the entire conversations have been in Japanese. I'm supposed to be calling her back telling her what days to expect us, but Sei hasn't told me yet...

I'm currently overcome with...alright I'll say it, laziness. I don't want to do anything. Well, that's not exactly right. I want to do something, but I just have no idea what that something is. Hrm...

From the odder side, and continuing a trend, I'm having computer problems. Basically what it boils down to is that if I touch my computer, and then touch anything metal, I get shocked. This applies even to the plastic bits of my computer. Now...I haven't taken many physics classes, but last time I checked, plastic isn't a very good conductor of electricity. I don't even know where to start trying to figure out this one. So far, the solution has been to wear long sleeved shirts or hoodies while I use my computer...

That's....all. Yeah...like I said, it's been a boring week as far as interesting things to post goes.

One thing though. A message to you lurkers. I know you're there. I get emails from you ever now and then. Why don't you go ahead and create an account and just comment on some posts? It won't hurt you! I could be a jerk and make it so you have to be a registered user to be able to see anything past the "Read More" links, but I'm not going to. Though if the annoying webcam 'requests' continue, I will make it more difficult to access the webcam for anonymous users...

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coincidence? by ted [2004/06/01 17:23 ET]
i just found this on the tsukuba university web site... wondering if maybe liz had anything to do with it?

To all students using bicycles
The pedestrian roads, loops, and slopes on campus may become very crowded,
especially during breaks. Please be careful when riding your bicycles, keep to
the left side of the road and ride slowly in order to avoid collisions or other accidents.
Boring Week by Don1947 [2004/01/01 15:29 ET]
Hey Brett, just read your latest post. Now be a nice little Narboy, don't bite, I enjoy your webcam and your posts. As for a webcam request, I don't have any. But if it makes feel any better, I'll think of something! LOL!

Happy New Year bud!


Just maybe by dalecam [2003/30/12 08:20 ET]
Maybe your room is getting very dry from what ever heat source you use. I would suggest putting pans of water out in front of forced air vents or on top of radiators. Don't spill them though, we don't want water on the electronics. I think your air needs humidity. Wouldn't hurt to try it.

Hmmmm by Tracy [2003/29/12 10:36 ET]
WOW, I've been called many things, but never a lurker. I had to login cuz I felt so dirty ; ) Please take lots of pictures. Happy New Years. I love you bunches and miss you even more.
Have fun on your trip! by ted [2003/29/12 10:14 ET]
i hope that getting out and seeing more of the country helps with the boredom a bit... make sure you get pictures with you in them for your mom... :-P
Have fun on your trip! by ted [2003/29/12 10:14 ET]
i hope that getting out and seeing more of the country helps with the boredom a bit... make sure you get pictures with you in them for your mom... :-P