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Posted on Sunday, February 29th, 2004 at 8:08am by Brett.
(Sunday, February 29th, 2004 at 10:08pm Japanese Standard Time)

Have you ever done something stupid? Not something bad...just...something stupid that made your life a little more complicated than it really needed to be...

It's finals week. I have 2 essays, 1 presentation, and 3 exams standing between me and a wonderful month-long holiday.

I somehow managed to finish the first essay (A Brief History of Japanese Weaving and Textile: From The Tokugawa Period to Today) and had started on my second one (The Use of Puns in Japanese). I really gave up with this whole "school" thing about 3 weeks ago, so it's been like...hrm like what...like pulling hen's teeth to get my brain to do something other than nothing. I had typed about a page of my pun report, and I got dangerously bored with the topic.

Looking around for something to distract me, I noticed two little nobs at the top of my laptop's keyboard that I had never seen before. Immediately I opened my desk drawer and pulled out a screw driver and pushed the nobs in. With a gentle *click* my keyboard popped up out of the laptop. If you know me, you know that this is basically standard "Brett" behavior. I pretty much go around looking for things that can come apart, wondering why no one has taken them apart, and then proceeding to do so myself. If I were left to my own, I would eventually dismantle everything in my reach into the tiniest, most basic parts. Unless they're really shiny or otherwise pretty....then I'd just leave them...

Oh the things that have met their fate at my hands. I remember when my brother and I were young...around 6 or 7...I took apart some toy truck of his. He cried only a couple of hours when I couldn't quite get it back together. Another incident that stands out all-too vividly in my mind was when I was probably about 11, and had managed to get ahold of a flash to a camera that wasn't working quite right. I tore it apart, immediately found the largest capacitor, touched it with my bare fingers, and then cried myself for a while. Nasty burns those electrical shocks can give...I've torn apart PDAs, phones, answering machines, TVs, and once, my Game Boy Advance...but that was for a reason.

Yeah well. Boo. After lifting out the keyboard, being digusted out how absolutely DIRTY it was under there, and poking around at the rest of the stuff in my laptop, I decided it was time to get back to work. As things tend to be, it was much easier to get the thing out than it was to put it back in. It simply didn't want to go. After 20 minutes of pleading, cursing, and maybe a little crying, I finally got the stupid thing back in.

Having wasted 20 minutes fighting with the keyboard, then 10 minutes writing this post, I should probably get back to my essay...

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Stupid Stuff by ikaika53562 [2004/29/02 19:06 ET]
Hey Brett. I think we've all done stuff like that at some time or other. I used to do that myself and have ruined many items by that. That prolly helped me decide to take an electronics course and get my amateur radio license.
Why can I never think of an interesting title? by Pete [2004/29/02 18:49 ET]
I used to take things apart to find out how they work, and then couldn't quite remember how they went back together again. I havn't done it for a while though, I think I grew out of it when I hit 25 :P
After all these years... by mom [2004/29/02 08:38 ET]
...he's still the same. Glad to know some things never change. No matter how old you get or where you go.