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Posted on Wednesday, December 10th, 2003 at 8:22am by Brett.
(Wednesday, December 10th, 2003 at 10:22pm Japanese Standard Time)

The elusive power converter that holds the key to my sanity is now in the limbo know simply as "the post".

Classes have started back up, and that makes NOTHING AT ALL better.

My computer had my music on it...my TV was built into it...my school schedule was on it. I've lost my primary source of news, entertainment, communication, and organization. Imagine if a normal person (yes, I'm aware of the distiction I just made) were to lose his telephone, newspapers, TV, and daily planner. Why, madness and general panic would ensue. Not to mention extreme disorganization.

I've started having very inappropriate dreams about my laptop working. Sometimes, I'll grab the old power supply, and plug it in really quickly...ya know...to try to catch it off guard. Never works...grr.

With any luck, my new power supply will be here within a week. This is probably the worst time to try to send something because of all the Christmas mail going around.

The sanity is leaking away...

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The sanity is leaking away... by mom [2003/11/12 06:51 ET]
Kinda like the power supply green goo?
Buffy season 5 by ted [2003/11/12 00:18 ET]
it came out yesterday... in case ya missed that due to your computer issues...
I hope you're still talking about the computer? LOL by ted [2003/10/12 11:16 ET]
"I've started having very inappropriate dreams about my laptop working." Our little boy is growing up!!! lol... hope the sanity reaches you soon.