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Christmas and Cell Phones
Posted on Thursday, December 11th, 2003 at 3:16am by Brett.
(Thursday, December 11th, 2003 at 5:16pm Japanese Standard Time)

I received in the mail yesterday a Christmas package from my family in the States. I'm not allowed to open it until Christmas Eve while my mom is on the phone with me. Not a problem...

Also, I got an email from Yuki, who is going to graduate on Sunday. Way to go Yuki! She'll be coming back to Japan for an interview at IBM Japan in Tokyo, and wants to meet up again, so we're trying to work out a good day right now. It will be nice to see her again. Last time I saw her was right after I got here...I remember very well getting off the plane and her saying "Welcome to my country!"

Following the trend of life hating me, my cell phone has decided to join in the efforts.

You seldom call people in Japan. Most communication is done via email or SMS on cell phones. The phone I used is a pre-paid plan. You have to recharge it so often or else you lose the phone number. It's not that much of a problem, really. I had been getting many Japanese emails from the central server, and just assumed they were pointless announcements. Grr.

I dialed out, and the nice lady that tells me my account balance and stuff came on. I heard something that couldn't have been right, so then after many minutes of fighting with the touch button menus, I switched the language to English and listened again. Sure enough...because of updates to "the system", my phone will now expire on Dec 31st.

That's just peachy.

It's not my account, or minutes or whatever. It's the physical telephone that will stop being supported, from what I understand. I talked to my tutor and we're are going to get a new phone Saturday. It will probably be an AU phone because they give student discounts.

I'll post the new phone number as soon as I get it. People using gorillamobile.com to call me will want to update their account information to let it work with the new phone number.

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hey! that's not fair! by ted [2003/14/12 18:55 ET]
i tried that approach before and it just made him mad... lol... you have to pretend not to care and he'll come home sooner:-P
Thanks Bree! by mom [2003/14/12 18:02 ET]
Congrats Bree on your engagement!!! See Ted, you could learn from Sabrina. She's now my favorite.
Come home! by Bree [2003/12/12 23:54 ET]
I will DIE if you don't come home soon. I miss you too much. Come back. I'm done having you in Japan. Come home now. We have a WEDDING to plan. Come back. :( I miss you!
LOL!! Sorry... by ted [2003/11/12 13:38 ET]
Trust me... it was a joke... I don't want him to stay over there either... Can I have my milk and cookies now and go out and play? hehehe...
Bite your tongue Ted!!! by mom [2003/11/12 13:16 ET]
Shame on you trying to keep my boy in Japan! What were you thinking?! Go sit in your room until you figure out why that's bad and then you can go out and play.
Yuki by ted [2003/11/12 12:22 ET]
I hope that you and Yuki have a nice visit. IBM Japan huh? Maybe she'll be able to get you a job too? lol
Ahhh, that's the other wrapped present by mom [2003/11/12 12:10 ET]
Just kidding. I figure the converter should be there by Friday.
Phone will be ok... by Brett [2003/11/12 08:31 ET]
The phone will be ok for Christmas. It's just after that....

Question??? What question?

I think my mom knows better than to send the laptop power converter and tell me not to open it...

The power converter is still in the mail...
But you didn't answer the question by dalecam [2003/11/12 07:50 ET]
I want to know if you received your power cable for the computer in that package from home. Hope that is not what you have to wait for to open. And yes, modern tech. is sometimes really strange, your phone is going to expire and not the service. And why do replacement parts sometimes cost more than the whole item? Very strange.
Christmas Phone Call by mom [2003/11/12 06:44 ET]
Will your phone be a problem with me calling you on Christmas Eve? If we aren't on the phone, you can't open your gifts! (evil laugh). I think modern technology is not on your side. And all this while you're in Japan, the home of modern technology. Well, your technology illiterate mother still loves you and highly stresses the importance of getting all these gadgets back in working form!