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Kyushu: Day 5 (Jan 4) (Updated)
Posted on Monday, January 12th, 2004 at 5:05am by Brett.
(Monday, January 12th, 2004 at 7:05pm Japanese Standard Time)

(I lost a day somewhere. Urm....yeah. I maybe have combined two days, or something...but...this is just a space filler. Nothing to see here...return to your lives, citizens.)

...I remebered!

I'm not sure how I forgot this day, because it was actually a lot of fun. Nothing exactly notable happened during the day, but the night was a lot of fun.

As I had mentioned, Yuu, Sei's 17 year old brother, is in a band. He was playing in a tribute concert for a band called Dashing Straight. There were like 6 or 7 bands playing before them, and Yuu's band was first. They were pretty good. Played some American hardish rock music.

The place where they performed was called Scar Face. It seemed to be a sort of bar...performance area...thing. It was pretty cool. I was the only gaijin in there, so it got some looks, but that's ok...I'm used to it.

There were some really good bands that played there. Most of them were local to Hita, if not to Kyushu.

Sei was crazy. He was daning and jumping up and down and basically enjoying himself. I, though, am the kind of person who sit in a corner and nod his head to the music. I don't dance. But Sei would grab me and be like "JUMP!!!!" and up we'd jump. It was a lot fun, but I couldn't hear after it.

We didn't get to stay to the end because around the 6th or 7th band, Sei started feeling really bad and had to go home. I would have stayed if I could have remembered the way back to his house...it was within walking distance, but it was dark, and I'm a gaijin, and would have gotten lost without a doubt.

Anyway, yeah...that was fun.

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ah... now i see... by ted [2004/20/01 22:09 ET]
silly me trying to read and comprehend when i first wake up...
You did??? by dalecam [2004/13/01 08:27 ET]
I believe you had day two twice, but now I see it is fixed. So maybe you did combine two days.