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Kyushu: Day 7 (Jan 6)
Posted on Tuesday, January 13th, 2004 at 8:09am by Brett.
(Tuesday, January 13th, 2004 at 10:09pm Japanese Standard Time)

I woke up this morning not knowing the day that was ahead of me.

Hiroki was returning to Fukuoka where he goes to school, so his father, Hitomi, Sei and I went....pretty much all over the prefecture.

First we went to view the live volcano that was in Kagoshima. I cannot for my life remember its name. Unforunately, an hour and a half ride later, it was too foggy to see it from the observation spot.

After that, we went to the Kagoshima Zoo. It was pretty cool, but zoos are always just a bit weird. My friend got on me for not setting all the animals free. Interesting thing, though, was that while we were looking at the monkeys, two young Japanese kids came up to me, and said "Gaikokujin da! (It's a foreigner!)". I turned to them and said "Kodomo da! (It's a kid!)". They left.

Also, at the zoo, we ate this weird sweet bean paste soup with mochi. It's...it was very odd. I liked it, but it was waaaay too sweet for me to eat all of it.

After the zoo, we went to the Kagoshima Aquarium. That was a very....unique experience. I heard Hiroki's dad saying "Ohh I'm hungry...that looks tastey!" referring to the fish in the tanks, but I thought he was just joking. THEN I heard little kids pointing at things going "Yummie!" and just had to be a little freaked out by that.

After that, we returned home, we went back out for some food. We had sushi, which by this point I was starving for a hamburger...mmm. But the sushi was very good, as shushi is. They got a little happy with the wasabi, though....I'm not a fan of wasabi.

After the food, we went home and went to bed! (There's a lot of that going on this week...)

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yeah... by Brett [2004/14/01 08:29 ET]
yeah, they were being rude...
skills by ted [2004/13/01 11:16 ET]
you really have a way with the children...lol