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Lord of the Rings
Posted on Monday, January 26th, 2004 at 12:21pm by Brett.
(Tuesday, January 27th, 2004 at 2:21am Japanese Standard Time)

I've never really gotten into LotR. I fell asleep while watching the first movie, and actually just watched it completely about a week ago. I'm working on the second movie right now. It just doesn't hold my attention.

Many of you have probably heard the The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins as sung by none other than Leonard Nimoy. I've heard that this song was used for some animated mini series or something. This song follows with a very unfortunate idea that Star Trek actors should start singing...orginally dreamed up by William Shatner with his infamous "hits" like Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (often considered to be the worse peice of recorded music to date) and Mr Tambourine Man.

Though the Ballad doesn't inflict that absolute pain that either of good old Bill's songs do, I recently discovered that there is, in fact, a music video that Mr Spock himself starred in.

Watching this video is...well, it causes physical pain. There aren't really words to describe what you feel, except, perhaps "afaoiwejfaw3e;oaij43r34r!!!!" and maybe even "My ears! MY EYES!!!! d4 p41N!!!!!"

Go download that movie and watch it. (Sorry for the QT format and the weird "I'm only going to use 1/4 of the screen but encode a lot of black to make the file larger", but I didn't encode it, I just found it).

Did you watch it? Have you been reduced to a blubbering pile of your former self?

Did you catch the buttons they were wearing? Don't worry, you don't have to watch it again...I'll tell you. Some of them say "Hobbits Unite!" and other say "Admit Leonard Nimoy into the UN!" ...Your guess is as good as mine.


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"The solo"
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unrelated... but... by ted [2004/26/01 13:23 ET]
i'd like to urge everyone who views the cam to vote for brett often so that he can prove that you don't have to be a cam-whore to be ranked well...
argghhhhh!!! by ted [2004/25/01 12:04 ET]
okay... so brett tells me last night about the spock video... i watch said spock video... i go to sleep... wake up today and what is going through my mind? "he's bilbo! bilbo baggins.. bravest little hobbit of them all..." again and again and again... curses to you mister nimoy!!!
*raised eyebrow* by Pete [2004/25/01 09:14 ET]
Totally illogical, Captain.

I bet this post brings the Trekkies out in force.