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Posted on Thursday, February 12th, 2004 at 9:21am by Brett.
(Thursday, February 12th, 2004 at 11:21pm Japanese Standard Time)

I did it! I told the band guy that I'm quitting after this Sunday's concert! I have but mere days until the band hell is over! Yay for having my evenings back! Yay for passing classes! Yay for sanity regained!!!!

It was odd, because going to tell this guy was a lot like going to tell your parents or teacher that you've done something wrong. Having just written a paper on the topic, I realize now that while I was talking with the guy, I not only code switched to Japanese, but also used the desu/-masu form of Japanese...both of which created distance...interesting thing, linguistics...

Anyway, I tell him that I'm going to quit after Sunday, and he gives me a very smug "Sou ka.." No matter, it's a good day.

Yesterday, I helped one of my friends move to a new dorm. While I was on the trip to Hokkaido, she had an unexpected visitor. Around 4am, she heard a noise and woke up. She looked up and saw a Japanese guy standing with his head inside her door talking to her in Japanese. Unfortunately, her door lock had broken just that day, but luckily she had chained it, so he couldn't get all the way in. She was, obviously, a little freaked out, and called one of our friends. He came over, but by that time the creepy guy had left, but not without writing something on her marker board. He had written "I want to f@%# you" in Japanese...

The very next morning, she filed a police report and the school told her they were going to have her move dorms. So she did. Apparently this guy has been "around this area" for a while...

As there were 8 of us, the moving process took less than an hour. Though, 8 gaijin carrying lots of boxes and girly "homey" stuff around the south half of campus gets a lot of looks...

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12 would be a blessing by Brett [2004/15/02 04:08 ET]
we started at 8am, set tear down is set to be over at midnight...

at least they gave me a lunch and dinner break...
Evil by ted [2004/14/02 23:47 ET]
evil jason... you're pure evil... lol
ahahah by jason [2004/14/02 23:01 ET]
you're stuck in band for about 12 hours today :D
hrm... by Brett [2004/12/02 20:45 ET]
i said "teachers" also...
Yea!!! by mom [2004/12/02 14:29 ET]
Yea for passing classes!! Yea for sanity!!! Yea for evenings back!!! BTW, when did you ever do something wrong and come tell me? Yea your friend is ok and has a new place!!