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It's over!
Posted on Sunday, February 15th, 2004 at 6:50am by Brett.
(Sunday, February 15th, 2004 at 8:50pm Japanese Standard Time)

It's over! It's over! Halleluja it's over!!

No more band! I survived through the world's longest concert today and am finished!!!!!

This concert, which I like to call "The Beast's Last Go At My Soul", started at 1:00pm. Because every single member of the band is a right mentalist, call was at 8:00am. For the same reason, this concert lasted until 10:00, with tear down scheduled to go until midnight.

Why so long? Because the these people take a decent thing like band, and try to stuff as much of it into a day as possible. It was an ensemble concert, and there were about 50 different ensembles performing. Brett, the ensemble (in hiragana) didn't perform until 2:00, and the Sailor Moon *kanji kanji* ensemble, the other ensemble I was tricked into joining, wasn't until 8:15. Luckily, for them, we were allowed to leave for lunch and dinner.

I had borrowed bits of clothes from different people until I had managed to assemble what was remarkably similar to a suit. You'd be amazed how hard it is to find "normal" sized clothes here. One guy was trying to get me to wear size 27 pants....wasn't working. Nothing I borrowed fit me quit right...the pants were too short, the jacket was WAY too small. I didn't care at this point, though. They could have handed me a tuba (I play sax) and told me I had to play a solo naked on stage and I would have if it meant being able to quit afterward...

After the Sailor Moon bit, I go back to the changing room to..uh...change, and The Guy (as in "the guy that was helping me get around band) was there. I told him earlier that I was quitting. He came over to me and asked me what I was going to quit. I said "sugu," which is a handle little Japanese word that means immediately, or right away, or exactly then. It implies a sense of urgency or sharpness....kinda. Anyway, he got the hint, and started telling me what I needed to do first. Some fees I had to pay...yes, I was paying to be in this band...masochistic much?

After he got done explaining stuff, he went to leave. Everyone else had left the changing room, so we were the only two there. I started changing out of my suit, and as soon as he left the room, I started a little dance not completely unlike the naked shower dance I have been known to do...

In the middle of my celebratory half naked dance, The Guy came running back in to grab his drink...ah well...

I changed, and packed my stuff as quickly as possible. We were supposed to be waiting around for the tear down, but I had had enough, and was just leaving. Luckily, The Guy and I had recently come to an understanding. I would say "Kaeru." when I had enough insanity for the time, and he would say "Kaete kudasai." and I'd go home, and life would go on. Short story: he knew better than to ask me to stay one extra second.

I started to make my way out of the building where we had the concert, and I started feeling this wonderful, glorious feeling. I didn't know that it was possible to be so happy that it actually hurt. I started walking faster, then I started kinda jogging. I saw the doors to the outside (aka FREEDOM!) and started running! Then, through a bad chioce I ran straight into the door that was locked, made a big noise, and had every one in the lobby turn to look at me. Ah well...I went through the other door into the crisp night air, and actually shouted "I'm free! I'M FREE!"

This band experience has been the worst thing I've gone through here. I can't convey to you how much I actually loathed it...how I would lay awake at night dreading the never-ending rehearsals the next day would bring. Hate is too soft a word for what I felt for this thing. The experience was so bad, that I'm actually reconsidering my major (music education). The way I feel about band right now, I never want to be a part of one again...

One interesting thing did happen at the concert, though. I was on the program, and my name was in romaji (Roman Characters) so it was pretty obvious I was a foreigner. I had people come up to me (knowing my name, because it was written) and start chatting with me. One guy literally hunted me down, and started talking with me. I was surprised he was talking in English, and it turns out that he actually lived in Ohio for 7 years. Dayton, to be exact. Stranger yet, he went to high school with and played in an honors band with an oboe player that was in many of my music courses at OSU. Small world indeed...

Anyway, band is over....ahhh.

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Poor Brett! by Don1947 [2004/17/02 19:57 ET]
Brett, don't change majors now. You could be our next American Idol :)
editing... by Brett [2004/17/02 05:14 ET]
yeah yeah i know...editing doesn't work so well....
the proper way to edit your own comment is to view it, select all the text, memorize the subject, delete it, create a new comment, type in the subject, then paste the text.

this is not a bug, but in fact a perfectly acceptable way for people who work with comments to edit them.

sound familiar?

you think editing is annoying?
try using the search feature. it automatically removes the first should-be returned entry, and then only displays 10 at a time, with no way to changes pages...

maybe i'll actually fix that now that i have some time...
or... by ted [2004/15/02 19:50 ET]
you could just tell jason to bugger off... lol
because brett's programming sucks... by jason [2004/15/02 14:35 ET]
maybe=may in my post since i can't edit it:

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Bah! by ted [2004/15/02 14:15 ET]
he's not paralyzed or he couldn't have done the semi-naked dance... if anything he may be traumatized from trying to fit into size 27 pants... HAHAHA!
it maybe make you stronger... by jason [2004/15/02 14:08 ET]
but you never hear about the times it leaves you paralyzed in the process, right?
Glad you survived... by ted [2004/15/02 09:00 ET]
they say what doesn't kill ya makes you stronger... so hopefully since ya lived through band you're somehow stronger for it... i wouldn't change majors if i were you though... too late in the game for a change like that...