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Jason's Webcam
Posted on Friday, April 9th, 2004 at 9:50am by Brett.
(Friday, April 9th, 2004 at 10:50pm Japanese Standard Time)

Most everyone that reads this probably knows that Jason has a webcam too.

On the off chance that the two people leeching his webcam read my blog, this post is directed to them.

Stop it. As the notices you have been receiving tell you, our bandwidth is limited, and you are consuming more than is acceptable. If you wish to continue using this site, you will stop accessing the webcam images with a program that is set to download more than once every 15 seconds.

A very simple script would be able to detect when your IP address changes, and block you from the site within minutes. If you do not comply, I will write such a script.

I have no problem with your using a program to access the images...not yet, at least. But out of common decency, set it to 15 seconds! For your information, Mr, Jason's webcam doens't even update every 4 seconds, so you'll be getting at most a new image every 10 seconds.

Stop it!

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stupid by Brett [2004/10/04 00:29 ET]
people are stupid...
i'd like to add by jason [2004/09/04 22:58 ET]
that i haven't actually been on it for like 2 weeks anyway...
webcams *sigh* by Pete [2004/09/04 10:29 ET]
Things like this are one of the reasons why I gave up on my webcam.